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Master in Building Structures (MUEE). 2014-2022


The design of a structure is a task that involves different stages and, at each stage, it is necessary to assess the problem, study possible solutions and make decisions. Firstly, the choice of structural types, materials and connection methods for the preliminary design of the structure for specific problems (housing, car park, meeting or sports facilities, etc.); then the analysis methods and numerical calculation tools for the design and dimensioning of the various elements; and finally, the detailed preparation of the specifications and construction plans. It is also necessary to consider the analysis and expertise of built structures, both modern and those belonging to the Historical Heritage, without losing in the process the perspective of the sustainability of the solutions considered.

The MUEE provides the advantages of formal training that serves, and it is no small thing, to cover in less time and with more security the necessary path to acquire confidence in the professional work of drafting the part of the execution project corresponding to the foundations and the structure, including not only the general and detailed graphic documentation but also the written documentation, increasingly important for the purposes of quality control and safety in the economic result.

The MUEE (75 credits) is officially structured in two core modules: M1, basic theory and design of structures, (18 credits), and M2, concrete, steel, wood, masonry and foundation structures (39 credits), plus an optional module, M3, in which at least one optional subject must be chosen (3 credits). Finally, throughout the course the student must advance the development of a structural project at the execution level, which will be completed and presented at the end of the course as the Master’s Final Project (15 credits).

Design and Rehabilitation of Timber Structures

The course Project and Rehabilitation of Wooden Structures is taught by professors Almudena Majano and Antonio Lara. It is included in the M2 of the MUEE and consists of 9 credits in which the most relevant aspects of design, dimensioning and intervention in wooden structures are dealt with:

  • Wood as a structural material.
  • Structural products.
  • Durability.
  • Verification of resistance in sections and supports.
  • Lateral buckling and overturning.
  • Singular verifications in laminated wood pieces.
  • Verification in fire situation.
  • Service limit states.
  • Composite elements.
  • Joints.
  • Structural systems.
  • Cross laminated timber (CLT).
  • Intervention and Rehabilitation.

Maneagement and teaching:


  • Miguel Angel Millán
  • Juan Rey


  • Joaquín Antuña Bernardo


  • Antuña Bernardo, Joaquín
  • Bernabeu Larena, Alejandro
  • Calle García, Alejandro
  • Cervera Bravo, Jaime
  • Conde Conde, Jorge
  • Dávila Álvarez, Pedro
  • García Alonso, Mª Dolores
  • García Gamallo, Ana María
  • Gómez Royuela, José Luis
  • Hernando García, José Ignacio
  • Lara Bocanegra, Antonio
  • Majano Majano, Almudena
  • Martínez Sierra, Enrique
  • Mencías Carrizosa, David
  • Millán Muñoz, Miguel Angel
  • Navas Sánchez, Laura
  • Orta Rial, Belén
  • Rey, Juan
  • Rodríguez de Rivas, Juan
  • Ruiz Carmona, Jacinto
  • Rguez-Monteverde, Pilar
  • Sopeña Mañas, Luis
  • Torre Calvo, Juan Francisco
  • Vázquez Espí, Mariano
  • Vega Catalán, Luis
  • Villanueva Llauredo, Paula

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Master in Building Structures (MUEE)
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