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Introduction and presentation

In just a few years, wood has become one of the mainstays of innovative construction. Its advantages have proved to be clearly competitive in a sector that consumes huge quantities of raw materials and has a strong impact. Wood presents itself with credentials based on its physical and mechanical performance, qualities and formats suitable for design, and total and innate sustainability. Nowadays, no designer is unaware of the possibilities offered by wood, all that is needed is training to get it right.

This course arises from the experience and trajectory of the Construction with Wood research group at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, which is organising it together with the Gómez-Pintado Foundation. The nature of the course is interdisciplinary and open to prescribers and professionals in architecture and engineering, builders, carpenters and industrialists. Previous technical training in construction and structural design, at least at a basic level, is recommended.

In more than 320 net teaching hours with a technical, theoretical and practical approach, the course covers the knowledge of the material and its derivative products, the advanced development of structural design with wood and its joints, laboratory practices, the most current construction systems such as lightweight framing or ‘counter-laminated’, sustainability and energy efficiency criteria, acoustic and seismic behaviour, intervention in existing structures built with wood, architecture and engineering for the design and execution of works, the most widely used software in the sector, numerous site visits and an evaluation throughout the course. The course involves more than 40 teachers selected for their prestige and ability, together with the most relevant companies that contribute their practical experience.

The fourth edition of the course has been expanded and improved, backed by previous editions which – thanks to students and teachers – have concluded with a high degree of satisfaction and job placement. An extensive offer of scholarships facilitates access to enrolment. The agenda and timetable have been designed to facilitate maximum compatibility. We look forward to continuing to contribute to the best in construction.

Detailed information can be found by downloading the complete and updated dossier. ► Download dossier

Technical Information


  • ETSI Montes, Forestal y del Medio Natural, UPM.
  • ETS de Arquitectura, UPM.

Dates and schedule

  • 30/09/2021-20/05/2022
  • Thursday and Friday, 15:30 to 20:45.

Duration and modality

  • 320 net teaching hours (classes, laboratory, visits and assessment), equivalent to a specialisation level of 32 ECTS. Face-to-face and telematic mode (dual *).


  • Miguel Esteban
  • Francisco Arriaga
  • Guillermo Íñiguez
  • Ignacio Bobadilla
  • Almudena Majano
  • Antonio Lara
  • José Ramón Aira
  • Beatriz González
  • Ana Elisa Rodríguez
Timber Construction 4rd Ed. 2021-2022
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