Carlos is an architect with special interest in the design and calculation of building structures, as well as in sustainable construction and bioclimatic architecture.

Natural from Madrid, he started his studies in architecture in 2014 at Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM, UPM) where he finished his degree in 2020. During the last course he developed the TFG entitled “Composite section slab optimisation: CLT-Concrete” which aimed to obtain With-Honors mark. While studying architecture, he excelled in the fields of building structures and geometry both descriptive as well as affine and projective. 

In 2021 he completed the Master’s Degree in Architecture with the project “Urban Corridor”. During the course he obtained a collaboration grant in the Department of Building Structures and Physics (DEFE) where he gained insight in timber structures.

He is research assistant since spring semester 2021, working on projects related to the design, optimisation and construction of elastic timber gridshells at ETSAM.

Carlos Martínez Criado
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