Eucalyptus globulus is one of the hardwood species growing in Europe with the best mechanical properties and great natural durability. In high performance engineered laminated products, finger-joints play a key role. The aim of this research is developing high strength finger-joints of eucalyptus using 1C-PUR adhesive. The influence of geometric and material parameters, assembly pressure and failure modes on finger-joint bending strength is investigated. All the configurations achieved at least 50 N/mm2 of characteristic strength. With an accurately fitting of geometric parameters and end pressure, the characteristic strength reached 76 N/mm2 indicating a possible strength class GL48c or even higher.


Lara-Bocanegra AJ, Majano-Majano A, Crespo J, Guaita M. (2017) Finger-jointed Eucalyptus globulus with 1C-PUR adhesive for high performance engineered laminated products. Construction and Building Materials, 135:529-537.
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