The necessary revision of the construction processes in search of more sustainable solutions leads to the use of high efficiency structural systems and environmen-friendly materials. In this sense, timber gridshells represent a solution of great interest for lightweight roofs with medium and long spans, suitable for both free and modular geometry solutions. The gridshell technique allows the construction of large double-curved timber shells using standard elements. It is based on curving on site initially flat grids formed by identical pieces of good quality sawn wood, great length and small section, constituting a system with high capacity of industrialization and standardization. This paper presents a real-scale gridshell prototype built with Eucalyptus globulus. The species potential and a novel constructive system with three bending directions of laths are explored. Likewise, the results of two loading tests monitored using photogrammetric measurements are also shown.

Lara-Bocanegra AJ, Majano-Majano A, Ortiz J. Guaita M. (2017) Elastic gridshell prototype made of Eucalyptus globulus: construction and laboratory test. II Latin American Congress of Timber Structures + II Ibero-Latin American Congress of Timber in Construction (CLEM+CIMAD 2017), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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