Experimental results of eight short-term tests of the HSB® (Habitat System Beton) timber–concrete connection system are presented. The specimens were compressive double shear tested according to EN 26891:1991, placing two connectors per shear plane. The ultimate shear force and slip modulus were measured and compared with the estimated values proposed by structural European design codes. The comparison between experimental and code values presents unsafe results for stiffness and the recommended distance between connectors, but results are consistent for strength. The connector itself failed in almost 50% of the cases due to the brittleness of the aluminium alloy.


Fernandez-Cabo JL, Arriaga Martitegui F, Majano-Majano A, Íñiguez G. (2012) Short-term performance of the HSB® shear plate type connector for timber-concrete composite beams. Construction and Building materials, 30:455-462.
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