About us


Our goal is to involve the engineering family, in particular students, in all social impact challenges and projects of our Community.


Our Projects





Hackathon: Industrial Design for society

Our community arises within the UPM in the context of EELISA, an alliance of 9 European universities that is working on a future international engineering degree. ID4H has the mission to bring together ideas and people to find innovative, creative and sustainable...

Solar Vehicles: Sustainable energy to live and drive?

Thursday, October 7, 2021 in the Red Room of ETSIDI and at 1:30 pm in the indoor parking lot.Solar Vehicles: Sustainable energy to live and drive?  From the SIE Permanent Seminar we would like to invite you to this face-to-face session consisting of a talk with...

XXI Science and Innovation Week

During the week of November 1 to 14, there will be a talk for children and adults about the use of sustainable materials for cooking, to educate and raise awareness about the sustainable exploitation of resources. This activity is aimed at a very wide and varied...