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Image annotation tool for machine learning

VGG Image Annotator (VIA) is an image annotation tool that can be used to define regions in an image and create textual descriptions of those regions. VIA is an open source project developed at the Visual Geometry Group and released under the BSD-2 clause license.

Here is a list of some salient features of VIA:

  • based solely on HTML, CSS and Javascript (no external javascript libraries)
  • can be used off-line (full application in a single html file of size < 400KB)
  • requires nothing more than a modern web browser (tested on Firefox, Chrome and Safari)
  • supported region shapes: rectangle, circle, ellipse, polygon, point and polyline
  • import/export of region data in csv and json file format
  • supports bulk update of annotations in image grid view
  • quick update of annotations using on-image annotation editor
  • keyboard shortcuts to speed up annotation



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