Characterization, applications and standardization of natural zeolites from some Latin-American countries.

This project derives from the “XIII-C Ibero American Network of Industrial Rocks and Minerals on Ibero America”. It has operated during the 90s and early 2000s and since then it has been a practical guide, conducting scientific actions for the characterization, application and standardization of natural zeolites coming from many Latin-American countries such as: Cuba, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Spain and more recently Mexico.

In contrast to the traditional tendencies of using synthetic zeolites, this project has been providing necessary easy execution and testing methodologies for the study, the exploitation, and the sustainable use of zeolites deposits. The constant request of counseling and support from Central American and South American entrepreneurs and researchers, has resulted in an increasingly deepening in the determination of new technological properties of this mineral in order to cover new demands in this area.

IP: Calvo Pérez, Benjamín.

Participants: Costafreda Mustelier, Jorge Luis.