Ponencias 2013

sustainable building and construction conference

3 – 5 de Julio

Sustainable Building & Construction Conference (SB13@Conventry). ISBN 978-1-846000-049-2.

GALLO, I.; GONZÁLEZ DÍAZ, M.J.; GARCÍA NAVARRO, J." A user-focused integrated system for sustainable refurbishment".

Abstract: Nowadays, it is urgent to renovate a great number of residential buildings. The necessity of improving energy efficiency must also be considered as an opportunity to improve indoor comfort. To achieve this goal, it is essential to develop tools to be used in the decision-making process, aiming to refurbish buildings in an integrated, efficient and sustainable way.The integrated system developed is based on a set of indicators. Sustainability indicators are useful to synthesize and organize complex information. They can provide data to evaluate a process in different stages: evaluation, diagnosis, comparison and tracing. The set of proposed indicators aims to accomplish the holistic approach pursued by sustainable development. So, these indicators are divided into three groups: environmental, social and economic. However, the main innovation of the system of indicators is the social ones. The sustainable refurbishment system aims to be a user-focused one. Therefore, the starting point is the needs of the user and social indicators are developed around this.The system tackles the sustainable refurbishment of buildings beyond energy problems. It proposes incorporating users in the decision-making process involving them in the refurbishment and so, contributing to the success of the renovation. In order to achieve this target, three social indicators are used, divided into 10 sub-indicators, and a “Questionnaire about Sustainable Refurbishment” is drawn up.This research has been carried out in the framework of “Sustainable Refurbishment” Research and Development Project, an integrated project under the supervision of the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico e Industrial (CDTI) from the Spanish Government, in which University and the Construction Industry collaborate. This research project aims to develop an integrated system for the retrofitting of existing buildings to improve their energy efficiency. Accordingly, an additional objective of the project is to improve quality of life of residents.

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