Ponencias 2012

8th international conference on environmental, cultural, economic and social sustainability

10 – 12 de Enero 

University of British Columbia, (Canadá)

Eighth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability.

MARTÍNEZ, E.; REDRUELLO, I.; GONZÁLEZ, M.J.; MUENCH, S.; GARCÍA NAVARRO, J. "The Quantity of CO2 emissions in the Life Cycle of a Highway". Website: SustainabilityConference_2012

Abstract: The complexity of climate change and its evolution during the last few years has a positive impact on new developments and approaches to reduce the emissions of CO2. Looking for a methodology to evaluate the sustainability of a roadway, a tool has been developed. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is being accepted by the road industry to measure and evaluate the environmental impacts of an infrastructure, as the energy consumption and carbon footprint. This paper describes the methodology to calculate the CO2 emissions associated with the energy embodied on a roadway along its life cycl, including construction, operations and demolition. It will assit to find solutions to improve the energy footprint and reduce the amount of CO2 emissions. Details are provided of both, the methodology and the data acquisition. This paper is an application of the methodology to the Spanish highways, using a local database. Two case studies and a practical example are studied to show the model as a decision support for sustainable construction in the road industry.

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