Ponencias 2011

3rd international symposium

26 – 28 de Octubre

Zagreb, Croacia.

3rd International Symposium on Environmental Management.  ISBN 978-953-6470-55-6.

VILLORIA, P.; DE GUZMÁN, A.; DEL RÍO, M.; GARCÍA NAVARRO, J. "Quantification of construction and demolition waste generated in Spanish railway projects".

Abstract: Due to the increase in the amount of Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste generated during the last decade in Spain, the construction sector should assume the responsibility to reduce the harmful environmental and social impact it produces. To solve this situation researchers within the civil engineering sector have focused on the use of C&D waste as new building materials for road bases, sub-bases and firms. However, another research line to be considered, as has been developed in the building sector, is the estimation of C&D waste quantification to be generated in this type of works. In this sense, many authors have researched the way to optimize management including quantifying methods of C&D waste generation in building works.

The aim of this research study is to improve C&D waste management in Spanish railway construction works by estimating in advance the amount of C&D waste likely to be generated, according to the construction stages and the C&D waste category. This study has focused on collecting data from the reports and bill of quantities of railway works projects in order to obtain the waste generation rate. The results show that the mixed C&D waste not containing hazardous substances are the most generated ones in works of railway. On the other hand, the least generated C&D waste corresponds to packaging in general and metal waste. Results regarding construction stages show that the largest number of C&D waste is generated during the construction of the tunnels.