Ponencias 2013

bess_2013_web24 – 25 de Junio 

Pomona, California, USA.

BESS-SB13 CALIFORNIA: Advancing Towards Net Zero. ISBN 978-1-304-14665-6.

VALDIVIESO RODRÍGUEZ, M.; GONZÁLEZ DÍAZ, M.J.; GARCÍA NAVARRO, J. "Construction cost and energy consumption resulting from energy retrofitting in an apartment building in Madrid (Spain). 

Abstract: This theoretical study analyzes the relation between the measures necessary for the energy retrofitting of a residential building constructed in Madrid, their cost and the improvement of the energy rating of the dwellings. 
The aim of this work is to establish an evaluation methodology that allows developers and architects to obtain conclusions and orientates them in the decision-making process. It will allow finding the most suitable cost-effective solutions in each case. 
This paper describes the methodology and the findings obtained. Energy retrofitting and the improvement of the energy behavior of the building depend on the selection of the retrofitting solutions and also on the investment. In this case study to achieve the best energy rates it is necessary to improve the thermal performance of the envelope as well as the energy systems. 
Energy retrofitting means an increase in property value but it can't only be considered in economic terms. It is necessary to take into account unquantifiable aspects as increased comfort, improved sound insulation, livability, health, or the elimination of energy poverty situations.