Analysis of Environmental Impact of Buildings along their lifecycle in quantifiable terms of energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases associated.


The Singular Strategic Project CICLOPE, aims to relate energy and environmental information, instruments, and strategies with a common goal about the evaluation methodology based on the life cycle analysis, which, through sector and enterprise information, represent an effective indicator of the environmental and energetic cost of a building over its lifetime. This way, the amount of information on the buildings will contribute to the fulfillment of environmental and energy objectives of Spain and it will increase the quality and the competitiveness of the sector.

The objectives of CICLOPE:

  • Provide knowledge to improve quality and efficiency in the construction sector.

  • The development of new standards that support the legislation.

  • Increase the competitiveness in the construction sector.

  • Give added value to products and construction processes.

  • Promote the use of materials, products and sustainable environmental processes.

  • Become a benchmark in Europe and worldwide.

The life cycle perspective allows to tackle the challenge of reducing CO2 emission with three fundamental added values:

1. It allows finding options for reducing environmental impacts throughout all the value chain of the different materials and the constituent processes of the building, without losing sight of the economic cost.

2. To avoid the transfer of emissions between one stage and another in the value chain or in the life cycle.

3. To prepare the ground in order to add more environmental impacts to the decision-making process, beyond the environmental problem (climate change) to the calculation of water footprints, acidification, toxicity or to the not energy-related natural resources consumption.

Work packages incorporated in the Project:

SP1 Methodology of the environmental and economic impact of buildings.

SP2 Sectorial lifecycle analysis and environmental declarations of products.

SP3 Design, construction and the end of life of buildings.

SP4 Evaluation of energy and environmental impacts arising from the operational phase of a building.

IP: García Navarro, Justo.

Participant: Gallo Ormazábal, Izaskun.