Changer les métropoles méditerranées Avec le Temps


The CAT-MED project promotes green blocks where transnational metropolitan strategies converge with the proposals for action to integrate territorial, economic, environmental and social factors as a starting point for the prevention of natural hazards.

This Project brings together the cities of Malaga, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia, Genoa, Rome, Turin, and the community of d’Aix Country, Marseille, Athens, Thessaloniki, and the Mediterranean Institute who provides technical support to the members.

CAT- MED is composed of 3 major work fields:

1. The creation of a Transnational Indicators System.

2. The pilot project experimentation such as “Green Apple” through the creation of metropolitan workgroups.

3. The capitalization of experiences through a methodological manual or guide on the Mediterranean sustainable neighbourhoods and the commitment of the cities, members of the project, to the road of sustainable urban development through the signing of a letter.