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Road and bridge Engineering

VILLORIA, P.; DE GUZMÁN, A.; GARCÍA NAVARRO, J.; DEL RIO, M. Redefining construction and demolition waste management systems: Best practices on civil engineering works. The Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge Engineering, accepted (2012.10.24)

Abstract: The civil engineering sector has to assume among its aims the reduction of the construction and demolition waste generated by it. To this end, foreseeing the amount of construction and demolition waste to be generated, as well as the time phase in which they might be produced, will allow for planning good environmental practices on site, both in a general way – for all the waste – as for each individual category of waste. The aim of this research paper is to determine the major categories of construction and demolition waste produced in railway construction works, and the construction stages where they are mainly generated. At the same time, a Best Practices Manual including a relation of best practices for on-site waste management is proposed and could be included in the Internal Quality System of the companies. Results of this study show that establishing and implementing a Best Practices Manual in engineering works for the phases of construction of tunnels, preliminary works and ground movement involves the management and minimization of almost 95% of the total waste generated. In addition, integrating the Report and Management Plan of construction and demolition waste together with the Best Practices Manual, promotes the environmental management of the company, favouring the cohesion of the construction process organization at all stages giving rise to establishing responsibilities in the field of waste and providing a greater control over the process.