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Construction and building materialsJIMÉNEZ RIVERO, A.; DE GUZMÁN BÁEZ, A.; GARCÍA NAVARRO, J. New composite Gypsum Plaster – Ground Waste Rubber coming from Pipe Foam Insulation. Construction and Building Materials 55 (2014) 146–152, 7 páginas.

Abstract: Industrial production of pipe foam insulation generates huge volumes of scrap material, driving to a serious environmental problem.This research studies the potential of adding different size particle proportions of this waste rubber to a plaster matrix. For this purpose, an experimental plan has been elaborated which characterizes the physical and mechanical behavior of the new composite: Shore C hardness, flexure and compressive strength. Furthermore, different particle sizes, weight rates and water/plaster ratios have been analyzed. In view of the results this waste rubber could be incorporated in gypsum based composites forming part of new lightweight products.

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