miPhot – Máster InterUniversitario en Ingeniería Fotónica

Master in Photonics Engineering

3 Departments in 3 Universities:

To prepare professionals with a  high level of expertise in cutting-edge photonics technologies…

Graduates receive a diploma accredited by 3 universities

The Master of Science in Photonic Engineering (MIPHOT), organized by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (coordinator), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid y Universidad de Alcalá, is characterized by:

  • Itineraries in photonic systems and in photonic devices that can be combined.
  • Training entirely in English aimed at the construction of solutions to specific industrial problems.
  • Students will receive face-to-face classes at the three locations.
  • Participation of companies from different sectors, which provide real cases for training and for the Master Thesis.

For more information, pre-registration and registration, visit::  www.uc3m.es/miphot
Contact (UPM):
Ignacio Esquivias Moscardó. (+34) 91.0672448 ignacio.esquivias_at_upm.es

  • Electrooptics and Optical Fiber Labs 
  • Photonics, High Frequency and Optoelectronics Instrumentation
  • Assistive Technologies Lab
  • Distributed optical fibre sensors
  • Advanced optical sensor development and characterization Lab
  • Optical communication Lab
  • Clean room for fabrication of organic photonic devices
  • Photonics systems in future communications, optoelectronics instrumentation and laser technology. 
  • Innovation in photonics applied to optical communications, sensing and assistive technologies.
  • Sensing in civil applications (smart grids, oil distribution networks).
  • Novel application fields of photonics system like biophotonics, fast photonics  and integrated photonics.

* Spain:

Degrees (4 yrs) or eq. Former degrees:

In Telecommunications  Engineering, Industrial  Engineering, Physics and other science bachelor degrees (depending on the curricula)

 * International students:

Electrical Engineer, Electronic or Communications Engineer Bachelor degree or Physics (depending on curricula), Bachelor in related topics depending on curricula (Biomedical, Aeronautical…)