Presencial + Retransmisión

Presencial + Retransmisión

Cuatro cursos presenciales en inglés especializados en las siguientes áreas. Estos cursos, además serán retransmitidos online para que se puedan seguir desde cualquier lugar del mundo:

Healthy Active Breaks in the University community

Lifestyle today is highly sedentary in many walks of life. Sedentary jobs means long working hours in a sitting position, which are a barrier to physical activity. Although physical activity should be recommended as a leisure activity, sedentary behaviour poses serious health problems related to the metabolic syndrome, and increased risk of depression and anxiety. A valid strategy is to include breaks during sedentary periods, which can reduce their harmful effects at the metabolic level.

Dates 23/06 – 24/06
Schedule 15:00 – 20:00
Director Olga López
Location INEF

Optimization Techniques in Microsoft Excel

Optimization techniques (the science of better) are scientific approaches with the aim to obtain the solution of problems for complex systems that enables decision makers to make better decisions such as increasing income, reducing costs, improving efficiency, decreasing time consumption… Optimization can be applied to many areas such as energy, agricultural economics, chemical engineering, finance, management, military, physics, mathematics…

Dates 04/07 – 08/07
Schedule 10:00 – 12:00
Director Manuel J. Chazarra
Location ETSICCP

The role of engineering in the new European innovation framework

European innovation projects aim to build the EU that we all want to live in. This course sets out to acquaint engineers with the singularities of innovation projects, innovation project workteams, consortia formation, the rules of the game of major European calls, as well as the roles of engineers, the national contact points and the evaluating experts. The EELISA project and Discovery Community will serve as an example.

Dates 04/07- 08/07
Schedule 16:00 – 20:00
Director Lola Storch de Gracia
Location ETSII

Smarter Health Caring for Smarter Cities (SC2)

Smart cities aim to improve the quality the life of citizens by improving urban infrastructure, fostering innovation and enhancing the healthcare system. Smart healthcare uses the latest mobile and digital technologies to make advances in health systems. The course aims to bring together representative ofall health ecosystem stakeholders to meet students from different branches of knowledge taught at UPM to discuss possible solutions to unsatisfied urban healthcare needs.

Dates 11/07 – 21/07
Schedule 10:00 – 14:00
Director Jose Javier Serrano
Location ETSIT