Dos cursos online en inglés especializados en las siguientes áreas:

Service-Learning. A tool learn and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

As SL helps to guide excellence and creativity towards social transformation, the purpose of this course is to provide a useful tool to align higher education in the direction of SDGs and to turn awareness into commitment. To this effect, the course has been divided into two parts: an initial theoretical section in which the foundations of the methodology are laid down, as well as its application in relation to the achievement of the SDGs. A second practical section, focused on students producing specific proposals that facilitate the application and strengthening of SL in university today.

Fechas 11/07 – 15/07
Directora Consuelo Fernández

How to set up a citizen laboratory(CL)?

Citizen laboratories (CL) provide meeting places for cooperation, experimentation and collaborative prototyping of projects that seek to improve life together. Citizen laboratories are a model of institution that facilitates the creation of citizen science projects. Institutions that we have inherited such as universities, libraries, town halls, schools or health centers, can enable stable programs of citizen laboratories for the development of projects open to any participation and that seek to improve life together.

Fechas 18/07- 22/07
Director Jorge Enrique Pérez