Master in City Sciences (MSC)

The Master in City Sciences is a cross-cutting Advanced Program between the schools of Telecommunications, Industrial and Civil Engineering and Architecture of the UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) that provides a holistic approach to the development of the city. The MCS responds to the demand of professionals with a technical and comprehensive vision of the urban phenomenon beyond the concept of Smart Cities.
Nowadays, the city is the first economic and social engine worldwide. It is the object of interest of the most important companies. Traditionally university courses have failed to respond to the urgent demand of professionals with a technical and comprehensive vision of the urban phenomenon. Answering this demand, the MCS program integrates disciplines related with planning, energy, mobility, sociology, economics, innovation and all the new technologies and infrastructures that are the core of the functioning city.
Right from the start, students from all nations will be trained in city-related areas both in a theoretical and practical way, in order to achieve a high professional level. MCS is based on real projects that will be approached as case studies.
This transdisciplinary approach has made that important international companies are involved in the MCS faculty, in the preparation of the final master thesis and in the subsequent employment.
The international character and the pursuit of excellence are reflected in the workshops together with other international universities and in the quality of the staff, which aims to have the best international figure of each field. The Master in City Sciences network includes collaborators and lecturers from the most distinguished universities worldwide, as Harvard University, University College London, Massachussets Institute of Technology, Illiniois Institute of Technology and ETH.
The MCS core values are:

  • Develop participants professional carrer
  • Work in a fast-growing market as cities is
  • Create a networking of urban experts worldwide