Development of a tool for dam-image processing, captured with UAVs, and their integration into dam-monitoring system.

Despite the fact that dam monitoring has been improved considerably due to the usage of different sensors and instruments, visual inspection is still a basic and very important way of controlling the health and safety of the installation.

Till today, visual inspection is performed by humans, and this implies some drawbacks such as: a) considerable costs, b) there may be places hard to reach, or they could turn the task into a risky job, c) observations may be biased by the subjectivity of each technician, d) there are limitations related with time availability and budget, that result in insufficiently detailed inspections.

Not only that, information extracted in that manner is hardly recorded and quantified, so it may be very difficult to analyze in a reliable way the evolution of the observed aspects.

“IMPRESIÓN” project aims the implementation of different techniques of capturing, processing and interpretation of images in order to countervail the previously mentioned drawbacks. This project will gather the following steps:

1) Image capturing using UAVs: This implies an important cost reduction, permits reaching dangerous points of the structure and makes the operation faster.

2) Digital image processing, that may be useful for shape detection, pattern recognition, etc., which can be associated with different phenomena such as cracks, leakages, stains, presence of vegetation, corrosion, displacements…

3) Quantification of the observed phenomena. In order to perform evolution analysis and generate fast reports about the health of the installation, because this variables can be associated with emergency thresholds.



This R&D project has been funded by: