Design Contest


The objective of the contest is the design of the non-structural casing and fundamentally for aesthetic purposes for the ROMERIN modular climbing robot.

The design will cover the whole of the robot, being of particular relevance to the way in which the central body is resolved. At first, elements can be added to the legs and the body as long as these do not affect the mobility of the robot.

Being a climbing robot, weight is critical and is considered a fundamental aspect when evaluating the solutions presented.

The manufacturing system will preferably be dual-head 3D printing. Finalists will need to generate the models in Autodesk Inventor or Fusion 360.


ETSIDI students, researchers, professors, and staff can participate in the contest.


The content consists of two phases.

In Phase I, the delivery will consist of a .zip file, which will include a .pdf document that contains the design concept in as much detail as possible, and the necessary drawings so that the jury can evaluate the idea. THIS .PDF MUST BE SIGNED BY PSEUDONYM. The .zip will include the participation form that is included at the end as ANNEX. This last file will be opened once the finalists have been selected to be able to contact them, since it contains the relationship between the pseudonym and the author. Deadline: 30th June 2021

In Phase II, a 3D model must be generated. Deadline: 14th July 2021

Jury and prize

The designs of the finalist works may be exhibited both in phase II and after the decision of the contest as part of the promotion of the research project and always with express reference to their creators.

At all times the authorship of the design will be reflected and the author will be included as part of the robot development team in any of the publications and communications in which by their nature it should be.

In addition, the same will be encouraged to continue with the design of the robot for possible improvements or adaptations to modifications as a result of the modular nature of the robotic system.

The prize consists of an Apple iPad mini (2019), 64 GB, WiFi.

The organization will generate a certificate that will accredit both the winner and the finalists of the contest.


Contest bases (spanish): Viste un Robot y llévate el último IPAD Mini

3D models: CADModels



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