PEDOFRACT VIII                                                                                          

We are pleased to invite you to join the PEDOFRACT workshop in A Coruña, Spain, in 2015. For 20 years, the problem of scaling in solis and related heterogeneous media has been addressed at international PEDOFRACT workshops organized by the Fractal Applications Group from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain (http://blogs.upm.es/pedofract/).

Contributions from those meetings were presented in special issues of journals: Ecological Modelling (2005), Geoderma (2006), Ecological Complexity (2009), and Vadose Zone Journal (2009 and 2013).

The theme of the PEDOFRACT VIII is "Scaling in soil and related systems: implications and applications for predictions in soil biology, carbon sequestration and agricultural practices". We plan to have the leitmotiv of the workshop as "Soil structure and function at the changing planet: scaling and modeling".

The current confirmed speakers are Alexandra Kravchenko (East Lansing, MI, USA), John Crawford (Rothamsted, UK), Jeffrey McDonnell (Saskatchewan, Canada), Edmund Perfect (University of Tennessee-Knoxville, USA), Ana Rey (CSIC, Madrid, Spain), Alberto Guadagnini (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Monica Riva (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Nicholas Jarvis (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) and Fernando San José (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain).

The University of A Coruña has offered the venue that presents excellent opportunity for discussions and networking in the marvelous environment that provides the city of A Coruña (http://www.tourspain.org/coruna/).


Group on Fractals and applications in Soil and Environmental Sciences, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain).

Local Organizers: Soil and Environmental Sciences Research Group, Universidade A Coruña (Spain).


Sponsored by

          Universidad de A Coruña (UDC)
          Xunta de Galicia
          Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (MUNCYT) A Coruña
          Dpto. Matemática Aplicada, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)
          E. T. S. I. Agrónomos, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) 

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