Francisco Prieto-Castrillo

My career is totally inter-disciplinary. From physics to computer science, through architecture and seismic engineering, I have collaborated with institutions and professionals of the highest level. The common denominator of this trajectory has been the analysis, modelling and simulation of complex systems.

I have been awarded several research merit grants. The most outstanding is perhaps the one obtained within the European Commission’s “Safety Assessment for Earthquake Risk Reductions” programme for “young European talents”. During the co-direction of a doctoral thesis on complex systems and artificial intelligence I was able to deepen my knowledge of many aspects of simulation, Bayesian methods and optimization. This thesis received the extraordinary doctoral award.

On the other hand, my experience during six years as a researcher and science and technology coordinator at the Centre for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research (CIEMAT) has allowed me to take part in top-level European projects and to learn about team coordination.

During my stay as a postdoctoral researcher at the New England Complex Systems Institute (USA) I have actively collaborated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. There, I have actively worked on data analysis and visualization (in particular with R and the Tidyverse environment). I am affiliated as a research affiliate with MIT’s “Human Dynamics Laboratory” group under the supervision of Alex Pentland. I am currently actively collaborating with MIT and with researchers from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, where I work as a PhD assistant professor.

I am currently a researcher in the Complex Systems Group