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Academic support and guidance

The reception and orientation procedure for new students begins with their admission and consists of the following actions:

  • Welcome ceremony to the Master. Prior to the beginning of the classes, a welcome ceremony is organized in order to facilitate the new students integration into the university community. 
  • Academic tutorials.
  • Informative sessions on the optional blocks.
  • Information about scholarships and study support.

In addition students enrolled have the support and monitoring of the school's management:

Subdirección de Atención al Estudiante

Tlf. 91 336 56 61 E-mail: subdirector.ae.etsiaab@upm.es

SecretaryTlf.91 336 54 08 E-mail: secretaria.ae.etsiaab@upm.es

Subdirección de Investigación y Postgrado

Tlf. 91 336 54 01 E-mail: subdirector.ip.etsiaab@upm.es

Secretary Tlf.91336 37 26 E-mail: secretaria.ip.etsiaab@upm.es