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The Master is taught by 33 professors from the Department of Agroforestry Engineering of the ETSIAAB with the collaboration of other professors from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and visiting experts, coordinated by Professor Francisco Ayuga.  

  Ayuga Téllez,  Francisco


The intensification area "Projects and Construction" is taught by ten professors, specialists in the field of project evaluation and environmental impact, and construction (construction of greenhouses, rural infrastructure, reuse of rural buildings and sustainable construction) with extensive experience researcher and professional. Five professors in this area are included in the research group of the UPM "Building Infrastructure and Projects for Rural and Environmental Building" and two others are in the research group of the UPM "Agro-livestock facilities and Environment". The activity of the Grupo EIPIRMA group in the triennium 2015/16/17 includes 8 research projects, 7 doctoral theses and 29 publications in JCR journals. In addition, the group of teachers has extensive professional experience.

  Cañas Guerrero, Ignacio

  Fuentes Pardo, Jose María

  Gallego Vázquez, Eutiquio

  García García, Ana Isabel 

  García Navarro, Justo

  Gómez Villarino, Mª Teresa

  Massana Guitart, Jordi

  Pereira Jerez, David

  Sánchez Espinosa, Elvira

  Arranz, Francisco Javier

The intensification area "Automation and Mechanization" is taught by thirteen professors, specialists in different areas of agricultural machinery: testing of tractors, minimum tillage, pulverization, harvesting machinery and postrecollection. Ten of the thirteen teachers in this area belong to the UPM research group "LPF-TAGRALIA: Advanced Agro-Food Techniques". Its activity registered in the triennium 2015/16/17 includes 12 research projects, 7 doctoral theses and 51 SCI publications and 14 private contracts.

  Barreiro Elorza, Pilar

  Diezma Iglesias, Belén

  Gil Sierra, Jacinto

  Hernández Sánchez, Natalia

  Linares, Pilar

  Lleó García, Lourdes

  Mejía Monasterio, Carlos

  Moreda Cantero, Guillermo

  Moya González, Adolfo

  Ruiz García, Luis

  Valero Ubierna, Constantino

  Vázquez Minguela, Jesús

  Benavente León, Rosa María

The "Irrigation and Energy" intensification area is taught by ten professors, four specialists in irrigation, and six in renewable energies. The four irrigation professors are integrated in the research group of the UPM "Irrigation hydraulics" while the energy teachers are not in any research group, although they participate in research tasks. The activity of the professors of this area during the triennium 2015/16/17 includes 8 research projects, 3 doctoral theses and 21 publications in scientific journals included in the JCR.

  García Fernández, José Luis

  Hernández Díaz, Eduardo

  Juana Sirgado, Luis

  Muñoz García, Miguel Ángel

  Perdigones Borderías, Alicia

  Rodríguez Sinobas, Leonor

  Ruiz Mazarrón, Fernando

  Sánchez Calvo, Raúl

  Zubelzu Minguez, Sergio


It is emphasized that the majority of teachers belong to educational innovation groups. Three of them belong to the group "Biosystems Engineering Teaching Innovation (BETI)", a subject directly related to the Master and which received the 2014 award for the best educational innovation group of the UPM. Another six teachers of the Master belong to the group "Educational innovation in electrical and automatic technologies in rural engineering".