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Work placements

Work placements are a training tool that should not be renounced in advanced engineering studies. Therefore, the Master of Agroengineering includes as obligatory external practices, which can be done in a center outside the university, which can be a research center or a company in the sector. The School of Agricultural Engineering, Food and Biosystems of Madrid, the center responsible for the Master, has signed educational cooperation agreements with a number of companies and institutions for the realization of internships by students.

The students who study the Master in the blended modality will have to make a stay in the Center during three months of the second semester. During this stay they will be able to carry out their internships, seminars and examine themselves (if they coincide with the last months of the Master's Degree), both for external internships and for their Master's thesis. The students whose stay is not the last three months of the Master, must also take their exam of external internships and final Master's work in person or by video conference.

To carry out internships there is a protocol of the center that establishes deadlines, duration, agreements to be signed, insurance, etc. and which are the ones that are followed in the Master.