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The Master has complete equipment for each of the  involved areas, supplied by the department "Agroforestry Engineering" of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. :

  • Laboratories of electronics, hydraulics, soil properties, engines, and physical properties of agricultural products.
  • Workshops, a workshop with equipment for the mechanization of materials, a second workshop of applied electronics, and an auxiliary workshop in the machinery ship.
  • A complete building of agricultural machinery, with a total surface of 3500 m2, devices and prototypes of all areas of mechanisation, and three new processing lines of fruit and vegetables, with modern automation.
  • Three experimental silos, with a complete set of sensors for studies of structure behaviour. 
  • One experimental greenhouse, with a complete set of sensors for studies of heating, cooling, energy saving, and drip irrigation.
  • Six classrooms with capacity of 30 students each one, exclusively for the use in the Master. Three of them, equipped with PCs with a complete set of engineering software (environmental impact, construction, irrigation, electrical facilities design).
  • Two of the classrooms are equipped with PLCs, specifically designed for lecturing in the area of "Automation".
  • Important data and information infrastructure available for the students, with access to the internal network, software and databases, and information resources of the Technical University of Madrid.

  • Six area-specific libraries of electrical facilities, hydraulics, engines and agricultural machinery, and automation.
  • Permanent available work rooms for the students with PCs and Internet access.

Also the ETSIAAB has a practice field located in a nearby area, with a total area of 16.5 ha, of which 10 are dedicated to agricultural cultivation, 11 greenhouses, 7 livestock sheds, 3 experimental silos, exhibitor ship of agricultural machinery , installation of biomass processing, an ecological garden and a Mediterranean garden.