Technologies of the Hotel of the Future


The aim of the project is to advance the state of art of a set of emerging technologies on building, information, communication, and interaction with predictable potential impact on the tourism sector, and particularly advancing new concepts of accommodation for the traveler.

Its last objective is to lay the technological basis for the development of a new hotel concept in all its aspects, in order to make the offer attractive and different, targeting travelers seasonality and loyalty.   

The THOFU hotel is a highly sensorised environment that enables the acquisition of user’s data and allows a direct interaction with them. These capabilities allow this space to become a “hub” for the provision of services, the central node of THOFU architecture, in which external actors can access and use collected information to generate valuable proposals in order to differentiate the offer. The hotel will be a node in the Smart City’s network, it will connect with the network and it will contribute to enriching it, producing and sharing information. In addition, the hotel of the future will pursue the improvement and sustainability of its facilities, from its construction to its daily operation.

Given the enormous number of ideas and technologies proposed, THOFU is organized into subprojects, each one related to a set of technologies:

SP1: Scenarios, concepts and reference models of the Hotel of the Future.

SP2: Subproject where we are linked directly. Research on new techniques in building and on energy efficiency: the use of new materials and building techniques that improve the generation and accumulation of energy and optimize energy consumption.

SP3: The inside of the Hotel of the Future: aims to research on technologies that facilitate the design of dynamic and sensitive spaces.

SP4: Intelligent and adaptive interfaces: focused on providing new adaptive and personalized interfaces.

SP5: Security in a Smart environment.

SP6: Connected Hotel of the Future.


IP: Moraño Rodriguez, Alfonso Javier

Participants: Revuelta Crespo, David; Astudilo Matilla, Beatriz; González Serrano, Patricia