Assessment of construction costs and energy consumption resulting from house energy ratings in a residential building placed in Madrid." Precost&E Study"

Precost&E Study


The study focuses on the impact that the energy rating has on the running cost of a building, and on the evaluation of the financial investment needed to improve the rating.

It aims to analyze the economic impact of deploying constructive measures to obtain the different energy categories set A, B, C, D and E (those allowed by the Technical Building Code, CTE), compared with the performance and benefits obtained with each one of them.

To analyze the cost of implementing energy efficiency and of the savings in consumption coming from these measures that directly affect the improvement of the environment, and also the economic saving for the final user coming from living in a more efficient housing.

IP: García Navarro, Justo.

Participants: González Díaz, María Jesús; Valdivieso Rodríguez, Marta.