Among all the industrial sectors moving Spanish economy, the construction sector is the largest consumer of natural resources and one of the main responsible for environmental pollution.

The Research Group Sustainability in Construction and Industry (giSCI) has the general objective of developing and optimizing more environmental friendly techniques in construction and industry, encouraging a proper use of energy, and promoting the conservation of resources by reusing and recycling them in order to reduce environmental impacts. All this with the aim of promoting the change from a linear model of production and consumption to a circular model. Moreover, giSCI aims to improve the living conditions of citizens focussing on health, hygiene and comfort in buildings within a suitable economic context.

The specific objectives of the group are the proper application of sustainable principles in construction projects, building works, agroindustrial buildings and rural infrastructure, as well as the extraction and comprehensive use of natural resources, the management of urban, industrial and inert waste. Moreover, they include the restoration and control of natural resources impacted by industrial activities associated with construction.

Since its establishment, giSCI has had a cooperative vocation working on activities and projects for International Cooperation in the field of sustainable construction.