Operation for Safe, Intelligent and Sustainable Highways. 


Framed within the CENIT program and promoted by a large consortium of leading companies in the sector, the Operation for Safe, Intelligent and Sustainable Highways project aims to define the highway of the future, which will present different high levels of safety, customer service, and sustainability.

New technologies applied to the world of transportation and a new concept of the business model is essential to improve the levels of service and security of highways. Revolutionary concepts in passive safety issues, as the improvement of road profiles or the reduction of obstacles on the side of the road, along with the latest technologies for accident prevention or the reduction in its assistance will imply a significant decrease in mortality on highways.

A more sustainable future in the sector of road transportation is going through a decline in its energy footprint with a consequent reduction of its emissions. For the first time, OASIS is defining a methodology to measure the energy footprint of highways in their entire life cycle, moreover, it is proposing actions to optimize the consumption including new forms of alternative energy production on the environment pathway.

A more efficient management of mobility using the latest generation of intelligent traffic management systems will increase the level of the services offered to users and will reduce CO2 emissions significantly.

Last but not least, it must be emphasized that all this will be only possible to bring into reality after a deep review of the regulatory framework and through the definition of a set of indicators that better fit the reality of highways operation and that gather the innovations proposed in this project.

Work packages involved in the project:

1.    Integrated concession services.

2.    Construction materials and processes.

3.    Dynamic firm management.

4.    Security.

5.    Mobility management.

6.    Optimization of energy resources.

7.    Interactions between the highways and the natural environment.

IP: García Navarro, Justo.

Participants: González Díaz, María Jesús; Martínez Caraballo, Eva; Redruello Almandoz, Ignacio.