JustoGarcía Navarro, Justo
School of Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering
Architect by the School of Architecture in Madrid and PhD in Architecture,UPM. Full Professor at the Agroforestry Engineering Department – Construction Unit, UPM. Director of the ‘Sustainability in Construction and Industry’ Research group, giSCI-UPM.
Coordinator of the Master in ‘Circular Economy of Minerals and Construction Products’ at UPM.
Member of the “Spanish Habitat Committee” and the “Best Practices” group of work (Ministry of Development). Representative of the UPM in the Committee of Experts for the evaluation of technical approvals documents (DIT) nontraditional materials and construction procedures from the Eduardo Torroja’s Institute (CSIC).
Expert at the area of civil Engineering and Architecture of the National Evaluation and Foresight Agency (ANEP). Evaluator of the General Direction of the “Xunta de Galicia” for the INCITE. Evaluator of the “Grant Review Committee of the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research” in the area of sustainable construction.
Evaluator of I+D+i projects from ACIE and member of its scientific committee. Evaluator of I+D+i projects from EQA; DNV GL BUSINESS ASSURANCE and certification I+D.
Expert at the Committees of International Normalization (ISO), and European (CEN) in the field of Sustainability and Circular Economy in Construction. Member of national standardization and certification committees (UNE and AENOR) related to Sustainability and I+D+i.
Member of the editorial committee of the journal “INFORMES de la Construcción” (IETcc-CSIC). Director of the editorial board of the collection “Arquitectura Legal” (La Ley, CISS PRAXIS, CSCAE, UAPFE). Member of the editorial board of the journal Urban Practice (La Ley). Member of the Advisory board of the journal “Ciudad Sostenible”.
Alfonso Martín Escudero’s research Award, 2001.