Athens November 2017

While we prepare some content to show here the experience from this very interesting and enriching session of the ATHENS Programme, we use this space as a tool to explain and link to the activities that we will done during Day 5 – Assessment.

Once you've designed and develop the assigned wiki section, the work in the wiki continues with:

  • Your contribution to the assigned wiki page created by other group [9:00-10:50].
  • Your autoevaluation [of the group as a whole] and your peer-evaluation of the content created by the rest of the groups in the wiki [11:10-12:00].
  • Group discussion. Each group presents in around 4 minutes [1 minute per person] their main leaning from the parts they've developed and contributed to.

After lunch [14:00-15:00] you'll have to respond the After-the-Course questionnaire, the Course Evaluation questionnaire and the Wiki Questionnaire. Responding to these questionnaires will take you less than 15 minutes.

The brief individual interviews will start at 14:00 and will be done simultaneously at Aula Marcet, Room B-10 and our Office. Check the printed page to be sure of the time and room you have been cited. The interview is anonymous and not part of your final score, so please come to talk with us in a relaxed and sincere manner.

The final exam [15:00-16:00] will be at Room B-10 (computers room).