ROBIM "Autonomous robotics for the inspection and evaluation of pre existing buildings with BIM integration”

Programme: CIEN


The goal of the project ROBIM is the development of an autonomous robotic system to facilitate the collection of accurate and adequately detailed information on building’s enclosure conservation state and composition. This system will allow saving on excessive costs of support facilities in order to access the whole enclosure safely, adapting and renovating the most adequate techniques of non-destructive examination in every particular case, and integrating all the acquired information in a digital environment, based on the BIM methodology (combining software, 3D models and database). This way, it is offered a global solution on accurate diagnosis, useful and complete, like an essential service to take the decision on the intervention required by the market.

Consortium formed by Euroestudios, S.L; FCC Construcción, S.A; Geotecnia y Cimientos, S.A; Insyte, S.A; Imatia Innovation, S.L; iBIM Building Twice, S.L. Organismos de investigación participantes: Universitat Politècnica de València, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universidad de Vigo, Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón. Líder del proyecto: Euroestudios, S.L.

IP giSCI-UPM: García Navarro, Justo.

Participants giSCI-UPM: Jiménez Rivero, Ana.