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  • The World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH), previously known as the “Office international des epizooties” (OIE), was created on 25 January 1924. Its headquarters are in Paris. The WOAH comprises 182 Member Countries and is present on all continents through 12 (Sub-) Regional Representations. The WOAH is the intergovernmental organization responsible for improving animal health worldwide, veterinary public health and animal welfare worldwide, as well as transparency of the global animal disease situation.
  • The WOAH is furthermore recognized by the World Trade Organization as the reference organization for intergovernmental standards concerning the sanitary safety of international trade of animals and products of animal origin and zoonoses. The internal control system introduced in 2015 is a key issue for the organization in the context of controlling its activities and resources. It also enables us to respond to the several external audits requested, specifically by WOAH’s donors.
  • The proposed internship is part of the strengthening of this internal control system and a great opportunity to be closely involved not only on the strategic aspect (risk analysis) but also on the operational aspect (monitoring the implementation of recommendations) of the system.


  • Under the authority of the Director General and under the direct supervision of the Head of the Performance Management and Internal Control Unit.


  • The trainee will provide support to the management of the internal control syste.


  • Within the Performance Management and Internal Control team, the trainee will participate to following activities.
  • 1) Identification, analysis and follow-up of external and internal audit recommendations:
    • Read, understand and analyze WHOA’ external and internal audits over the last 8 years.
    • Identify recommendations in a dedicated register.
    • Analyze and monitor the status of implementation of recommendations.
  • 2) Contribution to the monitoring of action plans for the control of priority risk:
    • Produce a reporting schedule for the priority risk management action plans identified by the Audit Committee.
    • Monitor the progress of risk management action plans, in support of the Head of Unit.
  • 3) Support to the implementation of procedure’s nomenclature:
    • Create a reference database for the identification of key procedures.
    • Develop a classification in line with the process mapping.
    • Participate in the determination of a nomenclature for designating procedures.
  • 4) Participation in various projects carried out within the Unit at the request of the Head of Unit, including for instance:
    • Prepare the documentation required for the bi-annual Audit Committee.
    • Formalize some of the key procedures identified.
    • Provide support to the improvement and animation of the internal control environment.


  • Or have graduated from a post-graduate programme or equivalent studies;
  • Field of study: Internal Control, Audit, Quality or related fields. 
  • Technical skills:
    • Good command of office software in a Microsoft environment, particularly Word and Excel;
    • Perfect command of French or English, both written and spoken;
    • Operational second language level (French or English) would be an asset; – Knowledge of rules and methods for formalizing procedures is appreciated.
  • Behavioural skills:
    • Genuinely curious and engage in the work and mandate of the WOAH;
    • Good team spirit in a multicultural environment;
    • Good organizational skills and ability to manage multiple tasks;
    • Good analytical skills and ability to write clearly and concisely.
    • Assiduity, rigour, precision.
  • Internship conditions:
    • The trainee must deliver an *internship agreement* (convention de stage) for the whole duration of the internship.
    • The WOAH will provide a stipend in the amount of 659,10€ monthly for full time work (35 hours per week) based in WOAH Headquarters Paris in France (12, rue de Prony 75017 Paris);
    • The maximum internship duration is 6 months (from March/April to August/September 2023);
    • The trainee must provide a medical insurance certificate, covering in case of illness and death, valid for the duration of the internship prior to starting;
    • The trainee is responsible for obtaining and financing the necessary visas if needed. WOAH will provide you with the necessary documents.  
    • Some of the results of this analysis will be confidential. The trainee will therefore be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.


  • The WOAH attaches great importance to a multicultural and positive working environment.
  • The WOAH is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all qualified candidates, regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, opinions or beliefs.
  • If you are interested in this internship, please complete your online application by 14 March 2023 by clicking on the link below.
  • Please note that only applications including a resume and a cover letter will be considered.


About Empleo ETSIAAB

Publicación realizada por la Oficina de Empleo de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Agronómica, Alimentaria y de Biosistemas (ETSIAAB)


Título:Ingenieros Agrónomos – Sistema de Gestión PAC (Madrid)
Nº puestos:9
Proyecto:Tecnologías y Servicios Agrarios, S.A., S.M.E., M.P. (TRAGSATEC), especializada en el desarrollo de soluciones tecnológicas avanzadas, busca incorporar a dos Ingenieros Agrónomos para dar apoyo en la realización de los trabajos de desarrollo y mantenimiento del sistema de Gestión de Ayudas PAC- 2022-2023
Funciones:• Especificaciones de requisitos de aplicaciones de gestión de solicitudes de ayudas PAC (Ayudas directas y del PDR- Asimiladas al SIGC).
• Verificación (testing) del funcionamiento de dichas aplicaciones a nivel técnico.
• Estudio de reglamentación aplicable.
• Elaboración de documentación (especificaciones, informes técnicos, manuales de usuario).
• Explotación de información de Bases de Datos con herramientas avanzadas (Access, SQL, TOAD).
• Trato con cliente.
Requisitos obligatoriosPoseer Titulación Oficial: Licenciatura, Ingeniería Superior y/o Grado + Máster en Agrónomo (Homologado en España).
Méritos valorables• Poseer conocimientos en el funcionamiento de las Ayudas directas y del PDR- Asimiladas al SIGC y la reglamentación aplicable.
• Poseer experiencia en el trámite administrativo.
• Poseer experiencia en especificación funcional y pruebas de software.
• Poseer conocimiento y experiencia en explotación de bases de datos.
Tipo de jornada:Tiempo Completo
Se ofrece:Contrato de duración determinada estimada de 6 meses con posibilidad de prórroga por otros 6 meses, si procede.
Plazo:El plazo de recepción de candidaturas estará abierto desde el día 17/02/2023 hasta el próximo 05/03/2023.
Inscripción:A través del enlace incluido en la propia oferta.

About Empleo ETSIAAB

Publicación realizada por la Oficina de Empleo de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Agronómica, Alimentaria y de Biosistemas (ETSIAAB)