Join our protocommunity

As a student

If you would like to participate in any of our activities, please write to our e-mail, telling us who you are, and what are you interested on, and we will send you the information of what we are planning as soon as it is published.

As a professor

If your university is a member of the EELISA European University, we are now working in the development of an EELISA community called SUSTAINABLE BCC, whose mission is to support and encourage more efficient and SUSTAINABLE Buildings, Cities and Communities through multiple projects and initiatives of an ecosystem of professors, researchers, companies, NGOs, foundations… bringing together technical, social and humanistic skills.

We believe that your participation would be very valuable for our community, so we invite you to work together. We will be happy to share our vision with you and your colleagues, and to build up our shared Sustainable BCC Community together with you and your team, and with professors and researchers from other EELISA universities, on this exciting challenge that lies ahead.