Research interests:

  • Nonassociative algebra
    • Metrized commutative algebras
    • Notions of partial and quantitative associativity
    • Left-symmetric algebras (also known as pre-Lie or Vinberg algebras)
  • Geometric structures
    • Flat real projective structures
    • Parabolic geometries
    • Geometric structures supported on symplectic and contact manifolds
    • Symplectic connections
  • Geometric analysis
    • Affine differential geometry of hypersurfaces
    • Partial differential equations of Monge-Ampere type

I am interested in directing doctoral theses in areas related to the above. Contact me by email if you would like to explore possibilities.


Ph.D. (Mathematics)   University of Washington    2003
M.Sc. (Mathematics)    University of Washington   2001
A.B. magna cum laude (Mathematics)    Harvard University   1996

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