Branch of the Future Living Lab


General View

UPM and the Santander Group are jointly developing a Living Lab on “Future Banking”. Located in the Montegancedo UPM’s Campus, the Living Lab is aimed at conducting experiments and proof of concept on the Branch of the Future.

Thanks to the increasing use of online and mobile banking channels, customer visits to bank branches are becoming less frequent. However, branch remains the preferred channel for certain banking activities, such as the sale of complex or high value-added products and services, in which face-to-face customer advice seems more convenient.

In this evolutionary context, the bank of the future will have fewer branches, and those that remain will be exceptionally visited by customers. To make the most of these visits, banks are exploring innovative solutions to achieve attractive and comfortable branches that provide favorable environments for offering personalized advice and sale of new products, financial or otherwise.

The Branch of the Future is conceived as a smart space capable of providing enhanced customer experiences through the latest technologies (mobile and wireless communications, biometrics, 3D video, …).  Each customer visit is reflected in a sequence of interactions with the smart objects arranged along the different traversed areas: waiting areas, self-service areas, 3D videoconferencing booths, exhibiting areas with large multimedia screens, rooms for personalized attention, etc. Thus, each visit to the branch will become an enriching customer experience capable of providing a greater sense of comfort and personalized attention.

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