Within the scope of the European Alliance of Universities EELISA and its Circular Community, this is a proposal on the development of a challenge in which multidisciplinary teams of students and professors from different European universities will participate. The challenge will be coordinated by the Spanish distributor NEDGIA, the EELISA Circular Community, and Gas Distributors For Sustainability (GD4S).


• Development of rural areas: wealth and employment by fixing rural population.
• Sustainable energy and security of supply.
• Distributed production.
• Manageable to be generated continuously.
• Use of the natural gas infrastructure already developed.
• Compatible equipment in all sectors.
• Versatile renewable energy. Domestic, industrial and transport uses.
• Solution for the asynchrony between production and demand: injected into the
current natural gas network.
• Surplus renewable energy storage.
• Largest energy contributor to the circular economy.
• Valorization of resources: renewable energy + bioproducts.
• Optimization of organic waste management.
• Optimization of water management.
• Unification of energy systems providing flexibility.
• Neutral CO2 emissions and even sink.
• Intervention on non-energy emissions.
• Contribution to generation with renewables.
• Reduction of water pollution.
• Encourage citizen participation in processes of transition to renewable energies.
• Training of new professionals in the energy sector.
• Establish alliances and cooperation between European countries

If you want to be part of the change!

CIRCULAR CHALLENGE: Energy alternatives based on biogases for a recessionary
economic context.

BIOGAS-CIRCULAR is a challenge promoted at European level that distinguishes and supports
innovative proposals developed by multidisciplinary groups of students and teachers, and whose
purpose is the development of plans, projects and / or programs that offer energy alternatives
based on the use of biofuels. We are looking for ideas that have a significant environmental,
social and economic impact.
Who can participate?
The challenge is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students, in teams of up to 5
people, and with academic and professional tutelage. For the development of their proposals
they will have the support of their academic teachers, as well as training and tutelage by
companies and organizations in the gas sector.


Phase 1. Presentation and evaluation of proposals.
o The teams will present their ideas and proposals through a video of maximum10 minutes.
o The ideas presented by the team will be evaluated by a group of experts where a recognition (certificate) will be given to the best ideas.
Phase 2. Training and mentoring.
o The participants selected in the previous stage, will receive training and mentoring by academics from the universities and professionals of the participating companies. The tutorials and follow-up will be channeled through the CIRC. LE Hub and the teaching platforms of participating universities and organizations.
Phase 3. Selection of the most outstanding projects and stays in companies.
o An online event will be held with the participation of all participating universities and companies through a 10-minute pitch.
o The winning proposal of the challenge and other outstanding initiatives will be selected.
o Internships for students in European companies, from October 2023.

Awards and recognitions:
The winning team of BIOGAS-CIRCULAR will receive:
• Economic endowment for the development of the selected proposal(s). The idea is to allocate a limited economic amount to reward the winning proposals with an endowment that allows the team to continue with the project until a sufficient level of maturity, so that the gas companies can assess with guarantee if it should be carried out. The endowment could range around € 10,000, and could be from 1 to 3 selected proposals. To be defined.
• Invitation to present the winning project to the European Parliament (travel and maintenance of the winning team and tutors). Tentative date, May/June 2023.
• Internships for students in European companies in the gas sector, from October 2023