Arquitectura, Edificación y Obra civil

Founded Architecture. Architecture in Context (C31021)

Taller online de Análisis­‐Proyectos arquitectónicos de nivel avanzado, impartido en inglés para estudiantes de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (10 estudiantes) y Politécnico di Milano (10 estudiantes).

The students will receive the introduction, primary information and materials in advance by their responsible professors. Having virtually visited the case studies by the beginning of the workshop, the students will engage in a deep and profound project of reading, interpreting and graphical analyzing of the selected case­‐studies. And it follows up by students’ development of critical reflective projects intervening inside and in the context of the selected case studies, within a framework of shared vision for 2050. The vision(s) will be formulated collectively by students and professors involved in the workshop, and contextualization of those visionary points of view into the under investigated case study will be the final product of each group.

The course will be a virtual journey to learn from Milan’s and Madrid’s sophisticated contemporary architecture and urban qualities, and to gain advance knowledge of architectural analyzing and narrative making during the workshop. Students will be guided to explore relevant issues of urban qualities and to provide a common ground to engage in a meaningful debate on the role of existing architecture and theory in the contemporary cities.

The course will be conducted as a part of the collaboration between ETSAM-UPM, Madrid, and Politecnico di Milano, where students and instructors from both universities will be working together in joint teams.

Título de la ActividadFounded Architecture. Architecture in Context (C31021)
Entidad OrganizadoraETS de Arquitectura de Madrid
Politecnico di Milano
ECTS reconocidos2 ECTS
Duración72 horas de formación
Lugar de imparticiónMilán (AUIC-Polimi)
Fecha de imparticiónDel 13 al 26 de enero de 2023
Plazas ofertadas10
Importe de la actividad